June 04, 2011

More Adoption Set Backs

In news of annoying set backs, we found out we can't put an adopted/fostered child in the same room as a biological child. So we'd have to clear out The Little Man's old room, which would mean we'd have to pay for storage again or just move. Not that it matters anyway because I'm disqualified from a child this year now because my father just died. We have to wait 1 year after a "traumatic event" to even be considered. I miss my dad, but I'm not traumatised. We've been trying to adopt since 2008 - this has nothing to do with my dad and never has. So I'm a little annoyed. I'm just starting to feel like they'll just come up with *anything* to slow the process down.
It's looking more and more like I'll have to get knocked up again if we want a child in any reasonable amount of time. Unless someone has a better idea? I guess if I were rich I could just pick one up in Malawi or something :s

QC is paying for three cycles of IVF now, so we could get PGD and while I could still miscarry, at least we have some assurance it's not a genetic mutant. But then Clomid has been linked to birth defects now, so are we really better off? Not to even mention all the weirdness that stuff would do to *my* body. Blargh!

Sometimes I wonder why some women are like the Duggars with like 20 kids and some women have so much trouble.

Ack, my friend just posted pics of her new baby and I have a new niece or nephew due any second now. My uterus is talking to me....

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