About Me

I am a One Quarter Mama and main writer for this blog. I'm a One Quarter Mama partly because my child is a Quadroon, but also because I'm not just a Mama - I am so much more. Learn more about our family here.

I've answered an interview here.

I did not have a happy childhood. I suffered a lot because my parents abused me. Partly because they were abused themselves, but also because I don't think they understood me and my "quirks." I've come to learn recently as an adult, because I sought out professional testing, that I am also Autistic and have Sensory Processing Disorder.

I am just now processing what all that means to me and how it makes me and my life different.

I love to write. I love languages. I love words. I love grammar. I have a degree in Linguistics. That is where my strengths lie. Good thing I work as an writer/editor!

At the same time, I hate small talk and false niceties. I can talk up a storm one-on-one, but tend to be quiet and overwhelmed in groups.

I am ridiculously open and honest - which is not always a good thing. 

I am also ridiculously open minded about pretty much everything. Not much shocks me.

I aspire to raise my son with less anxiety and upheaval than I lived with. I think I understand him pretty well. I like him the way he is, but I also have to teach him how to manage in a world where the majority doesn't accommodate or accept him for who he is. Until the world changes, that's what I believe I have to do - in such a way as he is happy and loving of himself. One day he will find his tribe. I'm just starting to find mine.

Welcome and thanks for joining us on our journey!