September 10, 2011

Music Class, Parc Safari and Birthdays

This Little Man has started some serious tantrums, holy crap! Terrible Twos, here we come!

He had his first music class today. The teacher said he seemed bored. The other kids looked scared or confused. Their daddies stayed with them the whole class. We're bad parents and left him alone there. When Hubby went to pick him up, he ran to him and said, "go, go, go!"
He did manage to have a conversation with a classmate before class though. Another boy saw his Thomas shirt, pointed and said, "choo choo!" The boy had one of those binkie bling chains and it had little cars, so the Little Man pointed at the cars and said, "vroom vroom." So they just looked at each other and said "choo choo" and "vroom vroom." (But seriously daddy, taking your two-year-old to music class with a binkie? Really?!)

So after saving him from music class, we had lunch and went to Parc Safari. A water buffalo or some giant creature with horns slobbered my window.
The ostriches stuck their heads in the car. I knew from last time to avoid the crazy mofo zebras. It's pretty messed up.

I let the Little Man "drive" and he got the washers going and all sorts of stuff.

Finally decided what to do for his birthday. I ordered a Gordon cake. I'm waiting to hear back from the cake maker (I got one of those group deals). It's just very particular because I don't want to end up with a Thomas cake - not that he doesn't like Thomas, he does - but he likes Gordon way more. Gordon's face is very different from Thomas' face. Omg, I sound like a crazy mom now, don't I?

Anyway, so in addition to the perfect Gordon cake, I'm just inviting super close friends and family. Like my mom and Hubby's best friend and that's it. His first birthday party was for me, now he gets all the others, but it's not like he knows the difference right now anyway. It's not like he has tons of friends. My friend's rule for her kids is one guest per kid's age. I like that idea.

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