November 14, 2011

Trying Not to Lose It

My husband is a wonderful man and father, but he is a professional at losing objects. He has lost countless umbrellas. He has lost his gym bag. He's lost numerous watches, cell phones, music players, shirts and even a whole comforter (he should win an award for that one!) Yes, he even gets lost coming home sometimes (or at least that what he says). No, I don't think it's early Alzheimer's; his head is just in the clouds, the wheels constantly churning over some scientific theory.

You can imagine my concern that he might lose our child.

Barring that, I'm pretty sure the boy is going to lose a lot of clothes, toys, or sippy cups along the way. In fact, he has already lost a pair of mittens while under hubby's watch and it's not even winter yet :s

So I was THRILLED when a friend told me about Mabel's Labels. She put them on ALL her son's clothes and shoes, so I inherited a lot of used clothing with another child's name on them. Still, it showed just how durable these labels are. The clothing labels apply easily with a hot iron and they really don't come off! I just applied my son's labels over them.

Let me make it clear: these are not any way comparable to the little iron-on kits you can buy at specialty stores and label yourself. Having used both, I can safely say that Mabel's Labels have not faded or come off, even with the frequent washing of kid's clothes we're all used to.

I bought the Classic Combo pack, so it came with clothing labels, shoe labels, tags and object ("sticky") labels. The Sticky Labels are microwave and dishwasher safe, so I put them on sippy cups, snack cups and books. Again, I was doubtful of their lasting power since even permanent marker washes off eventually, but I'm happy to report these are still holding strong!

The shoe labels are also amazing, especially if you take your child to playgroup or daycare. Everyone gets jealous when they see them!

You can customize the labels and I was impressed because their order system accepts accents. My son has Irish accents in his name, which I know is not common and they often get rejected by computer programs. Mabel's Labels printed them exactly as I entered the letters and I really appreciate that little detail.

So now I'm a label maniac and I know it doesn't stop anyone from losing things, but I'm hoping it will improve the chances things will get back to us.

**This post was not solicited or endorsed by Mabel's Labels. I received no compensation for it. I am, however, a member of their affiliate program and clicking and ordering using the above link will give me a percentage of the sale, which will help support my family. Thank you!

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