December 21, 2011

Help, I Don't Know How to Stop!

Books are really good at giving info how to initiate breastfeeding, but they gloss over the whole stopping bit. The Little Man is almost 27 months and down to three nursings a day. I'd like to cut out the morning one now (or within the next month or so). Maybe I have to wait til these last two teeth come out? I'm not really one for outright saying, "no" when it comes to this. At the same time, I don't feel like I have much to give, realistically. My brief stint on the pill didn't help my already reduced production and I would like to get pregnant again and that's pretty much going to force him off the boob. I just don't want it to be sharp and dramatic.
*sigh* I'm probably over-thinking this, aren't I?


  1. I don't think you are over thinking it. I worry about when the time comes that I have to stop. It would be a hard thing to do...I am so hoping he will do it on his own when he is ready. But if he doesn't I guess I would try a gradual wean... like if there was a session that he does't take as much then quit that one, and work him down to none...I am sure it's easier said than done! Pregnant! Go for it! YAY :)

  2. I have no help to offer, but am curious to know what solution you come up with. When you say being pregnant is going to "force him off" what do you mean? I know many women breastfeed throughout pregnancy and then tandem (though I've heard it really hurts some people). But I'm sure you know this... I suppose I'm just commenting because I'm glad I found your lovely site. The people on Emma's
    INFORMED CHOICE : BIRTH AND BEYOND / HM4HB Global Network FB group would totally be able to help you.

    Good luck!

    1. I have very little production left right now and I'm pretty sure I will dry up during pregnancy (hence forcing him to wean). I'm not interested in the pain of dry nursing (have already experienced it) nor am I really interested in tandem nursing. I also have an over-active uterus, so I don't need nursing contractions causing a miscarriage.

      At 28 months now, I think donor milk should be best reserved for newborns. I'm happy to donate again when I have better production, but I will not use up the limited supply of donor milk available to give to my toddler.

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