May 11, 2012

A Second Opinion

I don't know if it's other people's fears or denial, but we've been getting one common question over and over: Don't you want a second opinion?

No, we do not want or need a second opinion. If we had gotten the results and they came back that everything was fine, I would have fired the psychologist because it's glaringly OBVIOUS, at least to me, that my kid is not alright. I have noticed from the beginning (even in utero) he is not like others, and not just in a "unique and special snowflake" way.

It is possible that there is something else at play (or a combo) because of our messed up genes, but what that is doesn't actually matter at the moment. The fact is, in order to get him the specialized help he needs, we need a diagnosis of *something*. In order to get the tax credits/exemptions we so desperately need to pay for the help he needs, we need a diagnosis of *something*. Normal speech therapy could only take him so far (and she did an amazing job, she is great, we loved her) but to assemble a specialized team of OTs, speech and behaviour therapists that he needs to work with him one-and-one - well, it's much easier with a diagnosis.

The fact is, nothing is set in stone. The diagnosis can change, *he* can change. But right now, and all that really matters is right now, he needs therapy.

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