October 01, 2012

Daycare Funnies

My friend was recently shopping around for daycare and came across this ad:

home day care close to metro Including meals and snakes, long experienced (10years) in a safe and clean child friendly environment

I know when I'm looking for a daycare, the first thing I ask about is are the snakes included!

Keeping kids from moving safe long time.

At my son's home daycare, which doesn't have any snakes at all (unfortunately?) his caretaker has been valiantly and bravely potty training him. I send him with a bag of clean clothes and strangely, at the end of the day, I receive this:

His pants have been Ziplock sealed for freshness! 

I sometimes wash and reuse Ziplock bags (colour me frugal!) but I don't have the heart to after there's been pee-pee pants sealed in them all day.

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