October 10, 2012

Does My Humming Disturb You?

One thing I noticed for the first time during our road trip to Toronto (probably because we hardly go anywhere with the child these days) is people staring/looking when he hums.

humming bird onequartermama autistic stimming humming
My son is like a beautiful little humming bird

He hums, in my opinion, because he's happy and it's stimming and calming. I have no problem with his humming. I actually kinda like it. It is rather loud and it's not a tune, it's more like a long monotone hum. Kind of like an AUM (sometimes I tune him to aum and we harmonize together, but he usually does his own thing).

Anyway, so people stare when he does this. Hubby reasons they may find it annoying because it's not a normal sound to come out of most people (I guess humming songs is socially acceptable, but humming one tone is not?) or they stare wondering why we don't tell him to shut up. I don't know, maybe I should ask someone next time they stare. Because again, it doesn't bother me and I see no reason to offer an explanation. What do I need to explain? He's humming, he's happy, what's the problem? He's not picking his nose and sticking it in your ear. And frankly, we're not in a library, we're in a loud food court (another reason he might be humming in the first place, to counteract that stimulus) and he's not the loudest noise in here.

Or maybe they just can't stop looking at his mesmerizing green eyes and that's why they're looking at us? I have the same problem :)

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