October 29, 2012

The Pretty Baby Syndrome

I just read this post about a woman part of an interracial couple who keeps getting the comment, "you'll have such beautiful babies."

She brings up interesting points about race I'd never considered before. Being mixed myself, and part of an interracial couple with an interracial child of my own, I have to say I'm a little biased. I have made the beautiful comment to other people before. Without thinking about colour, I really do think mixed kids/people are some of the most attractive people out there. They just seem to get the best of both genes. I never saw it as beautiful simply because it "whitens" the features, as the author seems to take offence to. I think they're beautiful because they don't look "boring" like everyone else. They stick out just a little and I like the differences.

I don't think it only applies to white/black couples either, but Asian, Latino, whatever, it doesn't matter. Sometimes even just the mix of say, Swedish and Irish can be "exotic."

Being mixed, I don't think I really have a preference for white over black. I'm more interested in the qualities of the person.

In the end, you never know how the kid is going to turn out, colour-wise. I would have liked it if my son had at least a bit more colour to him, but I have no control over that. I still think he's beautiful and I'm sure he'll have beautiful babies one day.

Here's a photo series of interracial celebrity couples, many I never even knew existed!  

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