November 29, 2012

Secret Autism Language

secret autism language
I feel like I should know this secret language

I told a co-worker my son was autistic and that he currently has a cold. I said my son wasn't always able to tell me what was wrong. My co-worker then asked me if I have a special language or form of communication for just the two of us. o_0

No, I told him. I do not have a super secret autism language to communicate with him. When he is unable to properly express himself, we simply don't understand what he needs.

Is there something I'm missing here? I didn't ask, but I wonder if this guy has a special form of communication with his newborn son?

I mean, sure, I'm not entirely clueless - I can tell he has a cold; I can tell when something is wrong. But whether he has an earache or a sore throat, the only way I can know is with an otoscope because asking him isn't usually successful. And yes, I'm a real Dr. Mom - I actually own two otoscopes and I just bought a stethoscope.

I don't know about his question. I feel like I missed a memo or something? 

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