December 12, 2012

Picky Eaters: How Many Meals Do You Make Each Night?

picky eater table spread lots of food onequartermama
No, our dinner table doesn't look like this every night!
We've seen a nutritionist, a psychologist and an occupational therapist solely to help with my son's eating issues and while they've helped to some extent, things are still not perfect.

 The Little Man has made great strides and is more adventurous, but when I asked him what his favourite foods were he said, "fries and cheese." Ok, so poutine basically. He's really got French Canadian blood in his veins!

 So basically, because of our schedules, Hubby cooks dinner most nights. He tries unsuccessfully to feed the child whatever he makes for us first and then ends up making something else on the child will eat - like a sandwich or "cheesey noodles," or a hardboiled egg.

I know this must get tiring, making two meals. The question of "what will the Little Man eat tonight?" is a constant. But, when he eats, all is well, so making two meals isn't really that big a deal. Or is it?

If you ask the larger society out there with neurotypical children, I've heard people say they would never make two meals and the child goes to bed hungry. I find it LESS stressful if we just feed him what he wants. Then we are all happy. 

 I just wonder if people think we're crazy and maybe think we look like this?

too many plates dishes picky eater onequartermama

 Or this?

too many dishes picky eater onequartermama
I just prefer that mealtimes not be a battle and let him have his way in this case. I think there will be plenty of time when he gets older to be more adventurous and I'd rather not make meals into fights. Don't get me wrong - he doesn't have complete control - it's not like we let him eat chocolate pudding and chips for dinner. It's within reason. There are limits, but the limits still give him enough of a feeling of control that it doesn't turn into a struggle - as many things often can with a three-year-old! 

I guess what I'm saying is we set healthy limits and compromise so that we can all be happy.

So what are mealtimes like for you? Do you make more than one meal for your kids?

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