January 30, 2013

Vaccines Scarier Than Illnesses

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I've been getting the flu shot every year since my son was born (H1N1 came out when I was pregnant with him). Prior to this, one year I had the misfortune of being saddled with the flu for a full WEEK with fever, so I know what the flu can do! My opinion is while it didn't kill me that time, I really can't afford to be half-dead in bed for a week again. Forget about taking care of a kid, my work gave me a really hard time about it also (I've quit them since then!) 
I get my son vaccinated too, because it would kill me if he ever got seriously ill over something I could have easily prevented. We still get sick (duh!) but not flat out on our asses for weeks. 

I've travelled a lot - I have shots for diseases most people can't even pronounce - and I trust them because I have seen the suffering of those who don't have vaccines first hand. I think a lot of the fear associated with vaccines is purely because my generation (70-80s) have never seen their friends die from whooping cough, chicken pox or polio. If we had seen our classmates die or have serious disabilities caused by the diseases when we were growing up, we'd be a lot more scared of the diseases and less scared of the vaccines. But we were all vaccinated and we almost eradicated tons of diseases - now they're coming back and innocent children are dying again.
The decisions you make for yourself are one thing and those you make for your child are another. I know plenty of people who make sure their child drinks milk, yet they don't eat the appropriate things to ensure they meet their own calcium requirements. So we know that children have different needs and different (underdeveloped) immune systems. If you're a healthy adult and you get the flu, you'll probably survive. If you're a child and you get the flu, there's a higher chance there will be complications or even death. Besides, why would you want your child to suffer with something you can prevent?

I am a lot more scared of watching my child suffer or die from chicken pox or some other illness than I am of any minute chance he'll have a bad reaction to a vaccine.

And before anyone asks, I am 100% sure my son was born autistic. Vaccines haven't done anything to him except for protect him.


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