February 15, 2013

Going Gluten Free Update

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It's been just over three months now since we went gluten free. We have had slip ups and made exceptions (poutine and chicken gravy being some now and then) but we've been pretty good.

We have found some amazing recipes and quick store-bought frozen products to get us over humps.

First, I was missing bagels. I found frozen ones!

Then I missed ravioli and I found that, too!

I'm just so happy there seem to be so many companies jumping on board with GF and making my life easier.

So, how do we feel?

Well, now we all notice very quickly when we've eaten too much gluten (or any gluten, for that matter).

I'll get headaches, intestinal cramps and feel foggy-brained.
The Little Man gets "stoned-like" - quiet and stops talking. All he does is stare into space.
The Hubby gets migraines. His last major migraine was on New Year's Eve and that's while we were travelling. We think he just ate something he wasn't supposed to at AppleBee's.

All in all, if we all stay away from gluten, we all feel better, so we're sticking to it! 

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