February 27, 2013

Good Chocolate And Children Don't Mix

If you're gearing up for an Easter chocolate-buying frenzy or like me, just love eating chocolate daily, you should start buying fair trade chocolate. Luckily, there's not only a site devoted to helping you find some:

The Good Chocolate Guide

There's also the Choco Finder App for your iPhone. (No worries, it's free!)

Fair trade does not automatically mean expensive! Cadbury's Dairy Milk is now fair trade certified (their only flavor that is at the moment) and I've seen it at the Dollar Store. You have no excuse now!

Nevertheless, the bigger picture is this: right now, right this very instant, children just like yours are being held as slaves to pick cocoa beans. They do not get to play, go to school or have a real childhood. They may not even see their own parents. No one is there to wipe their tears at night.
Not only that, but they have never even been allowed to taste the chocolate their tired little bodies have been forced to pick.
Is your love of chocolate worth more than the lives of little kids?

I'll pay an extra dollar for chocolate without the blood, sweat and tears of little tortured kids, thanks. Next time you're looking to buy chocolate, look for the fair trade or equitable symbols on the package. Now that's good chocolate!

For more info, check out World Vision.

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