February 08, 2013

The Big Questions

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I sometimes get asked The Big Questions. You know, the ones I don't have answers to. The ones no one, realistically, has answers to. But they get asked anyway.

I get asked, "what will the Little Man do when he grows up?"

I don't know.

Do you know what your child will be when he/she grows up?! If you do, you have amazing powers and you should start charging money for your insights!

I get asked, "what if he never gets a job?"

I don't know.

I haven't put much thought to it. Should I have put a lot of thought into it? He's three! Do you know what you'll do if your kid never gets a job? Do people with neurotypical kids normally think about these things and have the answers ready? If so, you guys have a lot more time than I do!

The quick answer is I guess I will have to support him. I guess I will have to make the best of it. What else can I really do or say?

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