February 22, 2013

The R Word

I've used the word "retard" A LOT in my life, I won't lie. I didn't use it for people, but every *thing* that didn't work was "retarded." So it pretty much stood in for "broken" or "ridiculous." Why not say those actual words then?

Again, I won't lie, I still slip up now and then, but I'm working on it every day. I am working to eliminate a bad habit.

  • Because it offends people. 
  • Because medically, there have been times in my own son's development where he was delayed or "retarded" and I want it to stay a medical term and not an insult any more than having a broken leg or cancer is an insult.
  • Because it's possible other people will tease my son using that word and I don't want him to hear that word coming out of his own mother's mouth. I am supposed to be a source of comfort, not of shame. 
  • Because there are so many other words or ways I can express myself. 
  • Because I am tired of hearing it thrown around so carelessly.
I don't need to come up with a lot of justification, I just need to be the change I want to see. 
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