March 04, 2013

The Honest Truth: What Happens to the Trinkets

Here's something I think all parents know, but nobody says anything about. People are always picking up kids little trinkets and things (maybe to placate them, I'm not sure). You know that little vending machine toy or DollarStore thingamabob you bought your niece?

Guess what happens to it?

About 5 minutes later, the kid forgets about it. Within about 30 minutes, I throw it in the garbage. Oh yes I do! I bet other parents do, too! If it's a bigger toy and not age appropriate, I give it away, but otherwise, it goes in the garbage.

Don't waste your money "spoiling" a kid with junk because our houses with kids don't need anymore junk. Most kids have too many toys in the first place!

spongebob basket onequartermama
I love Spongebob, but what are we supposed to do with this?
My mom took our son shopping with her and he came out with a $12 Spongebob plush toy basket  and one of those plastic balls from the machine, filled with ridiculousness. The over-priced plastic ball of ridiculousness had a tiny plastic dog inside and a laser beam that attaches to your finger. Oh great, that's EXACTLY what my kid needed! He'll blind us all in two seconds! Thanks mom!

Garbage. Sorry, but it's true. 

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