May 24, 2013

New House Funnies

My mom kept the Little Man for the day of the move and brought him over in the evening. They entered from the back and the first thing he saw was the shed. He yelled, "oh, my new house!" and got really excited.  I told him he could move into the shed when he's a teenager.

We found an ant nest by the front window and he likes watching them walking up and down. This morning he saw them and started singing, "ants in the window, ants in the living room, ants in the kitchen, ants in the bedroom!"
It hasn't come to that yet, but it's kinda how I feel and it's a pretty snazzy tune if you get to hear him sing it. LOL.

If you move, you should always do it with a three year old so you can laugh at all the crazy stuff and not get too stressed out.

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