May 09, 2013

What To Do After You've Completed a Goal

If you read me often enough, you know I talk a fair bit about making goals and having a vision board and all that good stuff. But I realize I left something out...

What do you do after you've accomplished the goal??

I mean, aside from make new ones. I have this vision board up in my room and I had a goal still on it that I had accomplished: my trip to Asia. I didn't know what to do!

Do I take it down? Then what? Burn it? Throw it away? It all seemed kind of weird and most websites talk about how to make a vision board, but not what to do after!

So I searched online until I found something that resonated with me - after the goal is complete, take it off the board and keep it in a new scrapbook full of all your completed goals. Oooooh, what a nice idea! I can look back later proudly, and keep track of how well this wonderful goal-setting thing works!

What sort of celebrations do you hold after you complete a goal, or is completing it celebration enough?

Happy visioning!

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