July 29, 2013

Adult ASD Test - Part 1

For two gruelling hours this morning, I rehashed my childhood for a psychologist. I still have to go back for at least another hour of questioning next month.

It's going to be interesting work for her; working to tease out what is just weird behaviour, what could be a result of childhood abuse and what could also possibly be autism. I am a complex being!

I hope in the end to be able to know if I am really relating or understanding my child based on my experiences or if I'm projecting things on to him. I don't want to project anything at all. I hope at some point he will be able to express how he feels in words. At the same time, I know it's hard to express an experience when you don't know any other way. If it feels normal to you, there's no reason to have to explain it is "weird" or not normal.

I also think it will help us help the Little Man - better awareness to our own weaknesses means we can better find people who can help us...or so we hope! For example, me and hubby are not very social creatures, so it would be hard for us to teach the Little Man social skills. We know we need to get help to focus on that aspect, and maybe teach us also!

I see it as benefiting everyone in some way in the end. I just need to know for sure. 

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