July 08, 2013

I Get To Keep My Baby A Bit Longer

This post is probably the most amazing post I've read by an autism mama in a long time. (Omg, go over and give her some love, she just had a miscarriage :( )

Jeanie really expresses very well a lot of my experience with my Little Man - the tantrums over nap time. And once you get him down for a nap, it's so hard to get him up! lol

My son has small vocal cords because of his apraxia/dyspraxia and it can lead to problems later, but at the moment, I have to say, like Jeanie, I like his little voice. We just have a lot in common.

And like her, I also sometimes appreciate the fact he acts younger and I get to hold on to my baby for just a little longer.

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