August 22, 2013

Angry? Do Something!

I wasn't going to speak about The Letter Everyone Is Talking About because I didn't want to give my time, brain power, or energy to something so negative. Other than offer my support to the family through Tweets: #Love4Maxwell, I didn't want any more attention to go to the letter writer.

However, there's a petition started now to help change the law so that people who write or say heinous things can be prosecuted. Under current law, the writer can't be prosecuted because people with disabilities don't fall under an "identifiable group," the way homosexuals or ethnic people do. Basically, you can tell a blind person you wish them dead and harass them and it's perfectly acceptable. If you were to tell them that to a gay or black person though, there would be a court case. Lovely.

So here's the petition:

Please sign it and share it with your friends.

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