August 26, 2013

Exporail Train Museum

Since the Little Man still loves trains (but Angry Birds come second) we try to take him to Canada's Largest Train Museum a few times a year. Unfortunately, the location of our new house means we're much further away than we used to be and it took me a good hour to drive there and another hour back.

Nevertheless, it's worth it to get there and see the wonder in his eyes when he sees the giant steam engines right in front of him:

It was a special mama-only day treat and I let him run around freely to look at whichever trains he wanted.

Little Man from sits at the conductor's seat of a big train at the Exporail Museum
Little Man at the controls of a big train!

After riding the old trolley twice and giving the driver a dollar, we rode the mini train twice also! This was hard on mama's bum, but fun! 

He sure was excited to see it! 

He was extra spoiled today because I bought him a new train at the gift shop before leaving. We can never have enough trains here! 

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