August 02, 2013

What Happens When You Lie To Your Kids About Food

I just read this article telling me that 64% of children in the UK do not know that tuna is a fish. Many also don't know that beef comes from cows. What are people telling their children?!

It reminds me of the time my mom served us pig feet, but told us it was chicken to get us to eat it. Is that what is happening? Are parents trying to trick their children so much that children don't even know the truth anymore?

Or are many adults so out of touch with food processing that we don't even know where our food comes from?

It reminds me of a sneaky trick I heard from another mom: when you're eating chocolate and don't want to share with your kids, tell them you're eating raisins. Then they won't be interested and you don't have to hide in the bathroom to eat it.

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