September 15, 2013

Emotions Explained - Call For Submissions

I debated starting this project. First I had the idea to explain how I experience emotions so that non-Autistic people might be able to get a better idea of how Autistic may experience emotions. It may also be useful for other Autistics - since being newly diagnosed, I am learning more about how others see the world. It has been useful for me to read Autistic people's writings because I am finding similarities. I have gone all my life not knowing that what I experience is not the "norm." I mean, I can't get into someone else's head, so whatever I feel, I thought most others experienced similarly. Now I realize that I only share those sort of experiences with Autistics - which is cool, scary and an eye-opener all at once.

Then I realized I can only really speak for myself and my own experience.

Lastly, the best advice I can give to any parent of an Autistic: if you want to understand your child better, spend more time observing YOUR CHILD.

Despite that, I believe this project *can* serve a larger purpose, but I want more voices than just mine included, so here's a call for submissions:

If you are Autistic, please submit a comment or a post describing how you experience one of the major emotions - happiness, sadness, anger, or fear. You can submit for as many emotions as you like. Email your submission to 1blackpepper at
I will link to posts or quote comments (with permission) in separate posts for each emotion. It doesn't have to be an original post - if you already have something explaining how you experience an emotion, just send me the link and I will link to it. 

Thanks and please spread the word.

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