September 20, 2013

The Benefits of My Autistic Brain

If you look online, you'll find lots of lists of the ways the Autistic brain is different and beneficial to the world. Not all of us are the same, so I'm just going to list some of mine for fun.

Memory: I was called "The Walking Encyclopedia" as a kid. I remember random facts. I remember birth dates of people I'm not even in contact with any more, celebrities, everyone. I remember conversations. I remember snapshots of life - for example when I used to study, it was easier for me to remember the whole page of notes than to remember each individual fact. In other words, my brain can take a snapshot of the page, almost like taking a picture, and during a test, I can recall the page and read it over again for the fact I need, in my head.

Hyperlexia: I wouldn't say I'm hyperlexic so much now, but I was as a kid. I still love words and languages and my major talent is spotting errors. If there is a spelling error on a page, I just have to look at it and it literally jumps out at me. It's useful (since I work as an editor) but it can also be crazy making. Because of that, I rarely have to edit what I write. I write pretty much just one draft and maybe edit for the way the sentence sounds, but very rarely for spelling or grammar.

Hypergraphia: I have a love/hate relationship with this! For example, right now I'm REALLY tired and should be in bed, but I can't stop writing, so I just keep making more posts. What you're reading now has probably been written a month ago, no joke!
I also write to process my thoughts and I just think I'm a better communicator through writing. In fact, even my hubby and I write to each other so we can communicate clearly. It results in very few fights or fights that don't take long to solve.

Sharp Senses: I see things people don't see easily, like small things on the floor. I'm the best at finding lost contact lens. Call me! lol
I also hear sounds people hardly notice. This can be annoying. Especially when trying to sleep.
I smell things quite strongly, which means I can smell rotting food easily, but I'm also sensitive to scents/perfumes and those can give me a headache. Can't have good without the bad!
I can feel very light touch and pretty much every hair on my body. Also annoying at times, but all these things make it very hard to sneak up on me. Also on the plus side, sex is amazingly intense and wonderful. (Sorry for the TMI, but it's hard to find Autistics talking about sex frankly and we do have sex, so I thought I'd throw that out there!)

Honesty: I speak my mind without a care in the world. This can be annoying to people who don't expect the honest truth from me, but those who can take it, appreciate it. I've worked hard over the years when it comes to my delivery, but I still slip up at times and cause offence now and then.

Happy Alone: Because I don't need the presence of people around me for validation or entertainment, I can happily go places alone. I don't need to wait for others to do things, which means I go out and enjoy life and I don't feel awkward or lonely doing it.

Extreme Focus/Obsession: Once I know what I want or like, I can maintain my focus on it easily. Like goals, for example. I achieve them because I am focused and tenacious. Some people call it stubborn - maybe it is, I don't know, but I get things done, so booyah! Good luck trying to stop me.

Ok, that's enough for now because I am REALLY tired and if I list too many, it will start to sound boastful and you'll all want an Autistic brain. :p

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