September 25, 2013

#WondrousWednesdays - One Quarter Mama

The people I've asked to interview have been super busy (such is life!) so I'm answering this week's questions myself and maybe giving some of you a little more info. Feel free to ask me anything in the comments!

My name is Kelly and I write When I have time, I also write
I'm in my early 30s, married to an amazing man and have a four year old Little Man.
I am on the spectrum and have Sensory Processing Disorder. Our son is on the spectrum and dyspraxic/apraxic. We believe Hubby has ADHD, but aren't sure yet.

What is your biggest challenge with your (or your family member’s) disability?

Oouf! Big question! Probably society's lack of acceptance for differences.

What is the greatest gift from your (or your family member’s) disability?

I've written before about the benefits of my Autistic brain. The greatest gift from my son is well, just him being him. I am lucky I have him and he lights up my day. There hasn't been a day he hasn't made me smile and he has taught me patience and perseverance.

What’s one thing you want people to know about your (or your family member’s) disability that many don’t seem to understand?

He's NOT stupid. Autism does not make you stupid. Autism does not make you behave badly. Autism does not mean you don't care about anyone. We are not in our own world. We're here with you, communicating and loving you, but we sometimes speak a different language. Learn our language and really listen to us. You'll see we're smart, loving and amazing people.

What has been the best part of maintaining a blog?

I love connecting with so many different people. I have learned SO MUCH from other people. They inspire me and keep me going on days where I feel hopeless. 

What is a typical day like in your life?

I am woken up either by the human child alarm (he's very accurate) or a clock alarm at around 7:45am. We say our good mornings and get dressed for the day. I get him breakfast and put him on the bus for school. Then I take a shower and have breakfast before leaving for work. I work a normal 8-hour day in a large office and get home around 7pm. Hubby and son have already eaten supper by the time I get home, so they do bath time while I eat. Then I make his lunch for tomorrow and get him ready for bed. Hubby does the rest of the bedtime ritual and I organize myself for the next day. I blog, read or watch a bit of TV. Then it's off to bed usually by 11pm and we start all over again.

What’s your favourite pastime?

Writing and listening to music. I guess that's two. I'm allowed to cheat because this is my blog :p

What your favourite food/drink?

Food: chocolate maybe? Drink: chai tea

Anything else you’d like to share - a tip, words of wisdom, a recipe, a poem?

I'll share my favourite quote, which I have tattooed to my arm: Sobald du dir vertraust, sobald wiesst du zu Leben - Goethe
"The sooner you trust yourself, the sooner you know how to live." Life is so much less scary when you trust yourself and your instincts. When you doubt yourself, you get lost. 

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