November 27, 2013

Toca Hair Salon Me - Toca Boca App Review

We at the One Quarter Family LOVE Toca Boca apps! You can read our reviews of some of their other apps HERE and HERE.

They've been busy lately focusing on their sister company, Sago Sago, it seems, but they are coming out with a new Hair Salon app TODAY and I'm super excited! (Is it wrong that I get excited about apps marketed for kids?)

Check out the preview video:


I'm really excited, because I know the Little Man will be excited. If you remember, it was me searching for a hair cutting app for him in the first place that got us started on our Toca Boca addiction. Their original Toca Hair Salon was their first app we downloaded. This new app takes it to a whole other level and it looks like fun. Can't wait to download it!

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