November 13, 2013

#WondrousWednesdays - Hop 'n' Snack

A whole lot of things coming together at once (the success of the Night of the Living Stim chat, Autism Speaks becoming more ridiculous, and a few of us still having a sense of humor remaining) meant we created a different sort of protest for those of us who can't make it to Washington.

We've named it Hop 'n' Snack - poking fun at some of what Autism Speaks has decided makes living with an Autistic person an absolute nightmare - we raid the fridge and jump on furniture. Totally. And we even take off our clothes. Those silly Autistics, always getting into trouble!

So if you'd like to join us in the horror of horrors, go to the official Hop 'n' Snack page, make a video and post away.

Even if Autism Speaks doesn't listen to us, this is way more fun than just shaking a middle finger at them. 

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