December 14, 2013

Autistic At Work

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It's been a month and a half since I came out at work, so I thought I would update.

I pretty much just drop subtle hints here and there. I have put up the "no puzzle piece" logo on my desk, as well as a pin that says, "I love my Autistic brain."

One of my teammates confided he believes he might also be Autistic. (Autism must be contagious)

I have a great work environment that is most interested in using people's natural talents, rather than trying to force us into molds. While I do have to learn certain things for my job, the tasks I am given are based on my strengths. I also have a boss who freely gives praise where its due. This really helps me.

He also praises me for accomplishing things he now knows are harder for me than other people. At the same time, he tells me where I've done less than optimal things and shows me how to correct them (usually communication with other departments). In other words, he's slowly teaching me social skills. In general, he takes care of the social aspect for the team, but he's also teaching us to be able to fend for ourselves.

In general, I believe I owe a lot to just being in a great environment. I don't have any regrets disclosing my diagnosis. I simply feel freer to just be myself.

You might also be interested in reading, Asperger's on the Job (Canada) or Asperger's on the Job (US version). This book helped me make the decision to come out at work with confidence and I lent a copy to my boss to read. 

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