February 10, 2014

School Update

We're more than halfway through the school year and I've been so busy blabbing on about myself, I never gave a school update about the Little Man!

Well, he's doing great in his first year of school. He is learning so much and working so hard. He has come a long way from hardly speaking to talking and talking (mostly about trains, but other stuff, too!). He still has his quiet moments, but he is really learning tons and trying.

He recently started sliding down slides on his bum! I got a note from the school from the proud OT. Previously, he went down on his belly, feet first. His dyspraxia makes him very unsure of his body and he gets scared to experiment. The plus side to this is I don't have a crazy dare-devil child trying to climb my roof or jump over cars, but it does mean he doesn't experience a wide variety of activities. He is working on that and learning to trust his body and predict what it can do. It's really nice to see him developing new skills.

He knows how to spell his name and can type it. Handwriting is not his favorite, but he is still really young. There is plenty of time for him to learn all this stuff.

The fact is, he has come a really long way since I first put him on the bus back in September. He happily took to the routine and the people there. They seem to understand him and support him very well. I have no complaints or fears. It's a great school and he will be attending next year. I feel very lucky that he got in.

In every day life, he sings a lot. When he doesn't know the words, he makes up his own. It's so cute! He sings about trains mostly and he can actually sing in tune, so it's really nice to hear him. It is the soundtrack of my home - him playing and singing - and I really couldn't be happier.

He likes to dance also, and he'll be old enough for classes next year, so we might try that.

Otherwise, we just need to figure out what we're doing for March Break, but the transition to school life has gone really well. 

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