March 05, 2014

#WondrousWednesdays - The Life Of An Aspie

Another post in the Wondrous Wednesdays series!

1) Give a short description of yourself and family + blog.

My name is Alyssa Huber, and I’m from Illinois. I’m 22 years old, and I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I’m an aspiring filmmaker (it’s my major) with a lot of creative hobbies; writing happens to be one of them, so I often write about my experiences with AS on my blog, “The Life of an Aspie.” When I’m not at college, I live with my mom, dad, two brothers—I’m the middle child—and my dog.

2) What is your biggest challenge with your disability?

Sensory issues. They are at the core of my deficits. While social disadvantages are common with AS, I’m actually quite good with conversation and I’ve learned to pick up on most non-verbal cues, and I can speak eloquently and make friends. It’s my sensory issues, however, that keep me from going out in public some days, and sometimes I’d miss a class or two, or have to cancel social events so I can rest. It’s draining for me to be around florescent lights, loud ambient noise, or vibrations from things like bass speakers and large vehicles. I also have very sensitive skin, so I have to wear soft, loose clothing, and I can barely wear jewelry.

I also have a lot of what I call “transition anxiety,” where my head gets fuzzy if my routine, or major aspects of it, changes. I make very specific plans to ease the transition, and they always have to be done ahead of time, and I absolutely have to stick to it. So I’m pretty much screwed when it comes to sudden, unexpected changes and events.

3) What is the greatest gift from your disability?

There’s a good number of them, actually… but I’ll list only three here.
--I am very creative and my talents lie in art, music, singing, writing, etc.

--I am very accepting of others since I understand what it’s like to not be accepted. And I’d stick with my friends through thick and thin.

--I am very logical and methodical, and I’ve been told I give solid, practical advice.

4) What’s one thing you want people to know about your disability that many don’t seem to understand?

That aspies, in spite of their awkwardness, are usually loyal and honest, and would make great friends if people could be patient and forgiving with them. There also needs to be a more general understanding of what AS is and how it works, so others will know the reasons behind our behavior.

5) What has been the best part of maintaining a blog?

It’s a great outlet to practice my writing skills. It’s also a good way to express what it’s like to live with AS.

6) What is a typical day like in your life?

Depends on whether I’m at college or at home… but I spend a lot of time at the computer: editing videos, writing, doing homework, and socializing on the internet. I also take the bus often when I’m at college, either just for fun or to go grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping. And lists. I’m always making lists for everything, from shopping to homework to everyday tasks.

7) What’s your favorite pastime?

As I’ve mentioned before, I love writing. I also like to roleplay with friends as sort of a social writing activity, as we’d type out stories and interactions novel-style. Other than that, I love singing and playing my keyboard, making paper flowers, and drawing. And I will admit I’m also a gamer… I love games like Skyrim and Little Big Planet 2, mostly for their customization features.

8) What’s your favorite food/drink?

Anything that tastes good and isn’t spicy. I particularly like Italian and Asian food. And gummy candy, if that counts.

9) Anything else you’d like to share - a tip, words of wisdom, a recipe, a poem?

To all aspies and NT’s alike: be strong, never give up, and keep your eyes open for bits of beauty and happiness in everyday life. And know that you’re never alone.

10) Would you like to recommend other bloggers my readers would be interested in reading or whom I should interview?

Yep. I’ve only read a couple other blogs, but I’ve found some good ones from others with AS and autism.

“Aspects of Asperger’s”

“Autistic Chick”

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