April 18, 2014

Easter Is Illogical

Up until now, we've mostly managed to not have to explain religious holidays or traditions that involve a lot of candy/sugar. Mostly because we're not religious and I also don't see a point in giving my kid tons of candy for no good reason (is there ever a good reason?).

However, we haven't kept him in a bubble, so he knows about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny because of school. He didn't remember the name of Easter, so he was referring to it as "special day."
I finally figured out he was talking about Easter, so I gave him the name and The Little Man asked, "what's that?"
I said, "there's a bunny who gives out eggs and you have to find them."

"No," he said, "bunnies don't lay eggs. Chickens have eggs."

"Yes, I know. Logically, bunnies do not have eggs but for Easter they do for some reason and the eggs are filled with treats."

"Ok," he says, "the eggs will have butterflies in them."

"Fair enough. If bunnies can lay eggs, then it follows that the eggs can have butterflies."

Luckily, the Dollar Store sells little foam butterflies so I will stick some in plastic eggs for him. If that's what the man expects to find then I shall do it!

decorated easter eggs with butterflies by OneQuarterMama.ca

It probably would have been less trouble to just say no, this is how it is, but it's probably more fun to just encourage his own imagination and play along with it. There's plenty of time as an adult to get your crazy ideas and dreams squashed. 

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