May 21, 2014

First Concert and Social Workers and Adoption, Oh My!

I've been taking a few courses, so I haven't made many updates lately, but lots of stuff has been going on.

We got a new social worker. I was really happy about that since we have been waiting for a whole year. Unfortunately, she informed me today that she's leaving and we'll be getting a new person to start all over with. To her credit, she was really productive in the short time we worked with her (about a month) and I appreciate that. What can you do?

I had a lovely Mother's Day. Most of it was spent spoiling myself downtown. I bought some new clothes for myself, something I do maybe once or twice a year.
I took this picture with my Little Man:

Mother's Day 2014

School is almost over and they held their spring concert. It was the first time The Little Man was up on stage. He performed "Head and Shoulders" with his group and another song with tapping sticks.
Sorry for the blur, but it was dark and I zoomed in so as not to get other kids in the picture (since I didn't ask permission).

Little Man's first concert

The concert was really well organized. They grouped the students by ability, not by age (which is pretty arbitrary when you think about it). I'm really pleased with the school and how far he's come in the last year. 

My last bit of good news will make those who have been trying to follow our fostering/adoption journey happy. For those who don't know, we initially wanted to adopt from Barbados, but found we were restricted here (there's no inter-government agreement currently), so we looked to other countries, but that's a lot of time and money. So we put that on hold and decided to look at the fostering-to-adopt system here. Well, we put ourselves on the "banque mixte" list here and expected to never hear back. We attended the two info sessions on fostering and decided not to proceed with that at the time - we just felt we had two much going on with the Little Man to invest in that.

Not long ago, we agreed we would start the process for international adoption next year. I picked out a few countries I thought we qualified for and filed that in the back of my mind.

Then today I got a call from the banque mixte program, asking if we were still interested and would we come in for an interview. Woohoo! We were on that list for three years and I figured I'd never hear anything. However, because we're a multiracial couple, it works in our favor because they try to match the children up as best as possible. So nothing is set in stone and even if we pass all the home studies and such, there could still be a long wait, but I feel like we are one step closer. Our next child is out there! Hang tight! 

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