June 02, 2014

Make Up and SPD

I have never really worn make up. When most teens go through some sort of experimental phase, I couldn't care for it. My sensory issues are such that I feel a great compulsion to have clean teeth and brush them often. I then MUST have lip balm, but only a few specific brands are tolerable. And that is it. Most of my life, I've shown my natural face without a touch of make up.

For special occasions I have tried really hard. The problem is I feel make up on my skin. Most of the time, it makes me feel itchy. I rub my eyes a lot. I lick my lips. You can imagine it's extremely hard to keep any sort of make up actually on my face without smudging it off.

Until now!

See, just knowing I have SPD has made it much easier to cope. I still have adult acne and wanted some help covering my blemishes. I decided to go to The Body Shop and have them teach me. I also needed someone to pick the right colours for me (it's absolutely impossible for me. I don't know how they do it). I decided to forget everything I ever saw my mom do with make up and start from scratch.

So I made an appointment and had a nice young lady show me everything from beginning to end. What I like about The Body Shop products (aside from not being tested on animals) is they don't upset my sensitive skin. The make up artist asked me what kind of coverage or look I was going for and we stuck with the most natural possible. In the end, I just got a simple BB cream and powder that matches my skin tone, and a mascara. I already had lip liners and gloss - which is the most I'll wear on my lips, otherwise I feel it and it bothers me. I bring it with me every day to work, but never actually reapply it. lol. I mean, com'on, a girl has to eat. What's the point of putting more lip gloss on if you're just going to eat and drink?
I'm very pragmatic, as you can tell.

The products I got just smooth out and even out my skin tone and they don't feel so heavy that I have to keep touching my face. The mascara just enhances my already naturally long eye lashes - and it is still a challenge to not touch my eyes, but I feel I am better for it. I really shouldn't be sticking my fingers in my eyes all day anyway. And that's it! I feel a bit more grown up. I actually think it's helping my skin because I am forced to wash it more often and touch it less.

It seems that just the right amount of make up can be tolerated by my sensory issues and may even help me in the long run.

make up and spd on OneQuarterMama.ca
Me being silly after coming home from the Body Shop, about to wash my new make up off

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