July 25, 2014

16 Things You Should Never Say To Mixed Race People

It's been a while since I've covered any race issues and that's part of what this blog is all about! So I saw this video quite some time ago and posted it to my G+. Then I started getting ridiculous comments that I felt I should respond to. So watch the video first and then you can check out the comments below.

16 things you should never say to mixed race people discussion on OneQuarterMama.ca
My YouTube/G+ responses to being asked about my race

So what do you think of my response? People seem to think that just because they are curious or confused by someone else's appearance they deserve some sort of explanation. I don't owe anyone an answer or explanation for my tattoos, my piercings, my sexual presentation, my colour, my disabilities, or any other aspect of my physical appearance. 

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