August 18, 2014

August Goals Update

So we're more than halfway through the month and none of you have pestered me about sticking to this month's goals. Thanks guys! :p

Luckily, for some reason I remembered them and am trying desperately to hold myself accountable. So here's the report on how I'm doing.

We're sort of going to be earlier, for the most part. At the very least, Hubby and I are getting to bed at the same time and he's also making an effort to turn in early, so yay. But there have still been some late nights for no reason other than we're frittering it away on the Internet. Boooo :(

I biked to work once and started jogging again. So yay for activity. The problem with biking to work is it's been raining a lot. Also, my work started offering not just food delivery, but dry cleaning/laundry service as well, so you can imagine I don't exactly want to try carrying groceries and laundry while biking. That's my excuse.

As for spending less time on time wasting websites? Well, I installed a Chrome extension called Stay Focused. It gives me a limit of 10 minutes a day to mess around on time-wasting sites, then it shuts it down and my screen says, "shouldn't you be working?" It's smart and it works, so there. External reinforcements keep me off Pinterest.

And the books? I haven't finished any books. I wish I had more time for books.

However, I am writing a lot and just finished a submission for The Huffington Post, so let's hope that gets accepted.

Sometimes you don't get what you expected, but it's not all bad!

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