August 13, 2014

Left-Hander's Day - #WondrousWednesdays

Left-Hander's Day on One Quarter

Today is Left-Hander's Day and I'm celebrating because I'm left-handed! If you're not left-handed, you are supposed to celebrate by only using your left hand to do tasks.

Everyday, us South Paws have to deal with a world not made for us (sounds a lot like being Autistic, doesn't it? lol). Doors open the wrong way. Chain saws and golf clubs are all backwards. Scissors don't work. We bang elbows at dinner tables.

But it's ok. I still have a sense of humour and pride. I don't really put much thought to it on a regular basis.

It only really comes up now when trying to teach my son something manual. I see if I can teach him "backwards" and then I tell him to find his own way to do it. I'm not sure we'll be tying a lot of shoelaces. I know it took me forever to figure that out.

Anywho, if you can celebrate with me, please do! And report back. Hopefully no one injures themselves. Don't blame me if you do.

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