October 19, 2014

Health Canada Seizes MMS

No More MMS Skull and Crossbones copyright 2014 OneQuarterMama.ca

I am so excited to see Health Canada finally trying to stop the sale of MMS. I wrote about the horrors of MMS here. It's essentially bleach. It's used as a disinfectant and in the production of pulp and paper. It is NOT made for human consumption, but despite this, people are making their autistic children drink it in hopes of a "cure."

Despite Health Canada issuing advisories on this product since 2010, this is the first I've seen of them actually seizing it.

It doesn't mean that it will completely stop people from torturing and abusing their children - if they can't get their hands on MMS, I'm sure they'll find something else. But anything to make it a little harder to carry out their actions makes me happy and hopefully it will make a few people think.

More coverage here:

The Toronto Star

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