October 22, 2014

Thanksgiving Roadtrip!

It took me a while to assemble all the pictures, but here is a recap of our Thanksgiving Roadtrip!

My sister lives outside Toronto, which is a good 500km from Montreal. The halfway point for that trip is roughly Kingston. Before having a kid and when he was small, we would do the drive in 6-7 hours. We found that as he gets older, we need to stop more and for longer and I don't think it's fair to keep a 5 year old in a car for that long. So instead we booked a hotel in Kingston and spent the night each way.

I left work a bit early on Thursday and, as planned, were on the road to Kingston by 8pm. We were checked into our room and in bed by 11:30 that night, which makes me feel like Wonder Woman for accomplishing that. We gave the Little Man a bath before we left and dressed him in his pajamas before sticking him in the car with a pillow and a blanket. Of course, he didn't fall asleep in the car until close to our arrival, but he was ready to sleep once he got into the hotel bed, which is pretty impressive.

the little man in bed with his angry birds blanket on OneQuarterMama.ca copyright 2014
Angry Birds help him sleep

The next morning, we had breakfast and the guys took advantage of the hotel salt water pool. I couldn't go in because of my new ink.

my new ink "live your life" tattoo on back copyright 2014 by OneQuarterMama.ca
My New Ink!
guys in salt water pool at First Canada Inns Kingston photo by OneQuarterMama.ca copyright 2014
Guys in the pool

Then we got on the road to his Auntie's place, but of course, we had to make a stop at The Big Apple. The Big Apple is really just that: a giant red apple with a smiling face, just off the highway in Colborne, Ontario. Not only do they make amazing giant apple pies, which you can watch them make, but they have free activities for kids.

Big Apple Colborne Ontario copyright 2014 OneQuarterMama.ca

chicken at Big Apple Colborne petting farm copyright 2014 OneQuarterMama.ca
goat at Big Apple Colborne petting farm copyright 2014 OneQuarterMama.ca

First we checked out the petting zoo and fed a chicken and a goat. A llama also looked at us intently, but that was it.
llama at Big Apple Colborne petting farm copyright 2014 OneQuarterMama.ca

Auntie left a key for us (she was still at work Friday afternoon) and we let ourselves in.

When Auntie came in from work, all the excitement led to a minor meltdown for the Little Man. He had contained all that energy and was so good with all these new experiences on the way over that is just had to burst out.

The next night we had our Thanksgiving Dinner and the Little Man was restless, so he slept half on top of me on the futon, while Dada got stuck on the air mattress.

We left Sunday afternoon and of course had to stop at The Big Apple again on the way back. This time we rode the train and then the guys climbed all the way to the top of the apple. (I had to use the toilet, so I missed out on that.)

family selfie on Big Apple Colborne train copyright 2014 OneQuarterMama.ca
Family selfie on the train

family picture at Big Apple Colborne copyright 2014 OneQuarterMama.ca

Then we checked back in at First Canada Inns and settled in for the night. 
First Canada Inns Kingston hotel front copyright 2014 OneQuarterMama.ca
And drove the rest of the way home on Monday! 
The End!

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