October 06, 2014

The September Cake

Like I had planned in my September goals, I wanted to make an imprint of the Little Man's hand and foot. So I mixed up the plaster mix and then let it sit on the counter for a bit, figuring I would wait until just before bath time so he could wash it off right away. Well, I didn't realize the stuff hardens so quickly, so when I went back to it, it was hard as a rock. So I just had a flat round piece of plaster. I'll have to buy another kit soon and be faster this time!

 Here it is! 
smooth plaster disk mistake on OneQuarterMama.ca
What a souvenir! 

For the cake, I asked him what he wanted on it. He said blue icing with the word "September" on it, and a train track and a train and London Bridge and and and....I told him I was not a professional cake decorator and the detail he was requesting was becoming wedding cake worthy. I can only do so much. 

Hubby drew the train tracks and stuck a train on it. I wrote September as best I could. We used the same vegan gluten free cake and icing recipes from last year

2014 Train September cake on OneQuarterMama.ca
This year's Train-September cake, exactly as ordered

We went to his class for his party and he was so happy. He said, "mommy and daddy, you are the best!" and I almost died of cute. Sometimes it's the little things you do that matter so much. Things as simple as writing "September" on a birthday cake.

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