November 26, 2014

How Have I Been?

Basically, I felt I needed more job security, so since September I've been working a second (part time) job. So I'm doing about 12 hours extra work a week over my full time job.

After a year of seeing doctors and trying to figure out my abdominal pains, we've finally discovered I have tumours on my liver, right ovary and uterus.

The month of November has been filled with death: just found out today a fifth member of my family has died. I feel like all I do is shop for flowers and baskets for people.

I spent the day at my great-aunt's funeral. I'm drained and tired and headachey. But I got to spend time with my British cousins, which is always fun.

I got a letter home from the Little Man's school that head lice is going around. Oh yay!

So goes the roller coaster of my life.

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