November 19, 2014

You Don't Just Give Kids Away

I just read this awful story about a family in BC who adopted a child and then decided they didn't want him any more, so they just left him with a woman in the States they met online.

I'll forgive you if you need to read the above sentence more than once before it sinks in.

I cannot for the life of me understand why instead of looking for help or resources in their community, they chose to spend their time in chat rooms with strangers. Then they spent time and money travelling to the US to bring the 5-year-old there.

Instead of all that planning and plotting, they could have taken parenting classes. Or gotten respite. Or therapy. Or whatever they needed to deal.

On the plus side, the child was not harmed (well, not physically at least) - I mean, thank goodness they did not hurt or try to kill him. This story could have been much worse! But I still don't understand their logic and lack of love. I also don't understand why they are not charged with neglect, endangerment or abandonment.

Apparently this happens much more often than we hear about and mostly with international adoptions. It's called a "failed adoption" or "rehoming." I wonder what it is about the process that potential adoptive parents just don't understand that you don't just give kids away. Why aren't these parents being questioned more strictly? Or why don't they know what to do once they're home?

Also, why did I bother going through the adoption process, getting security checks and all, when I could have just gone online and someone would hand over a kid to me? Geez. I'm doing it all wrong!

What a strange world we're in.

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