January 07, 2015

Life After Adult ASD Diagnosis - A Year Later

It has been over a year since my official diagnosis of ASD and SPD, and I feel like I've changed so much.

My journey started with learning and self-acceptance, and moved more towards advocacy.

I'm open and honest about who I am. I am open and honest about my limitations. I try not to boast about my gifts :) I still have a lot to learn.

Being open and proud has helped a lot. Not succumbing to the pressure to "be normal" has taken a huge weight off. Similarly, being able to tell people exactly what I need and how I work has helped for mutual understanding. I can explain when/why I come off the wrong way sometimes.

I think disclosing has been beneficial for me because when I tell others, I am able to get better feedback about how they perceive me. When I understand how I am sometimes giving off the wrong signals, so to speak, I can work to improve on that. Suffice to say, I'm still learning social skills and this awareness has helped.

one quarter mama smiling and holding a paper that says diagnosed ASD at age 32.
My picture for the Amazing Autistic Women project

With diagnosis, I joined a club and met so many amazing people so far. I'm still learning and it's pretty cool.

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