March 23, 2015

Spring Has Sprung!

It has been over a month since I've posted here and while I put some updates on my Facebook page, I could not find the time or words to really flesh things out here. Also, I needed discretion.

I made the decision to quit my full time job and during that time it was ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT. But I had to keep quiet because my ex-boss/workplace can and sometimes did read this blog for some strange reason. I mean, considering how uninterested they were in accommodating me, I have no clue why they would spend time reading about me here when they could have, I don't know, actually accommodated me. But hey, that's all in the past.

So my last day was Feb. 26 and I took off for Japan on the 27th. I needed that time away to reset myself, as well as visit my best friend. Bonus! I came back with a few days to try to get over my jet lag and jumped right into a new work contract.

I have absolutely no regrets! It feels wonderful and right. I'm doing half my work from home and the other half in an office where they not only know my diagnosis, but actively embrace it. I am passionate about my work, knowing I am using my strengths, and I have time to be with the Little Man. I already got to go on my first school outing with him.

I thought I would have a bit more free time, but it seems I fill it all up very quickly. However, it's things that need to be done - like seeing the dentist, paperwork, phone calls, and the hustle for more contracts.

I hope to keep this and my other blog more up to date, but also launch my other side business ideas and see where things go.

So spring has sprung (even if Montreal weather doesn't reflect that!) and my life is just getting better.

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