December 16, 2015

Head Lice Prevention

Last school year started with an epic breakout of head lice at the school. I guess all the kids who went to summer camp brought it with them? Nevertheless, I went out and started arming myself just in case. I got head lice twice as a child, so I know what that itching and trouble is like. I really didn't want to see it come into our home, so I started looking into how I could possibly prevent it.

In addition to going to the pharmacy and getting a medical treatment shampoo and lice comb to have on hand just in case, I also found some products that might deter lice from ever setting up home.

eco.kid lice prevention shampoo and Fairy Tales Rosemary Repellent Conditioning Spray picture by
First I found Fairy Tales Repel Conditioning Spray. I had made my own essential oil blend originally, but it smelled kinda funky. I'm happy I bought this one because it smells really nice. I sprayed the boy's head every day before he left for school, as well as all his hats and hoods.

I use it on my own hair as well, and I like the level of conditioning. It makes my hair very soft (and I have course, frizzy hair).

I then switched all of us to Eco.Kid Prevent Shampoo. It smells like lemons, yet still seems very mild.
I like the fact both products are made with essential oils and not strong chemicals.

Do they work?

Well, we didn't get lice, so whether that was just luck or the products, I can't say, but it did give me peace of mind. I think for that it was worth it, as well as the fact they both smell really nice and the boy didn't have any problems with them.

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