April 04, 2016

Advisory and Anthologies - I've Been Busy

Late last year, I joined the advisory committee at Autism Canada. It's really great of them to include #ActuallyAutistic people, but also it's been great making connections across the country. We're in the process of planning a conference - there will be three: one in the Maritimes, one central and one in BC. I'm on the planning committee for the central one, which will take place in Hamilton, ON in August.
I'll get you more details closer to the date.

I have to decide soon if I'm going to speak at it. I'm feeling a little nervous and haven't written anything yet.

The other exciting thing that is happening is the anthology I contributed to, All the Weight of Our Dreams, should be coming out at the end of the month. You can check the site for updates. Also, please buy a copy! :)

I've also been asked to write for another anthology, so I better get cracking on that one because the deadline is also in August.

It feels good to be doing things I hope will make the future easier for autistic people, as well as building community. There are few things better than finding your tribe. 

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