February 28, 2017

The Mom Project

I just found out about this free virtual conference and it starts TOMORROW! You need to register to get access to the content, which looks amazing - and I can say that and I'm promoting it because I know some of the speakers personally.

It's geared towards moms, but I think any busy professional will get something out of it. There are talks about health & wellness, finances, social media, blogging and being an entrepreneur.

The great thing is while it is free during the days of the conference - March 1-3 - if you pay a fee you can get lifetime access afterwards as well and watch them at your leisure.

The Mom Project

I say, sign up for free and get the most you can out of it and if you like it, then consider paying for playback access. 

It starts at 9am EST on March 1st, so hurry up and register now

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