June 29, 2011

Plodding Along

We had the first adoption/fostering info session last night and it seems that my friend either misunderstood or was lying to me? Yes, we can have the kids in the same room, just not the same bed (quite reasonable to me!) and yes, we can proceed after a "traumatic" event like death in less than a year if we're ok with it. It's a case by case thing. It all comes out in the assessment anyway. I'm a little upset because I don't understand why she would lie to me, I really don't. It's not like we're in competition - from what I understand there are more than enough kids to go around. Good thing I didn't listen to her and kept going along with my own plans! Plod, plod, slowly plod....

I've also been occupied trying to find another therapist to do an assessment on Boo's speech. The first one didn't even look in his mouth. He has a little bit of an upper lip tie and a high hard palate. Helllooo? Can anyone try looking at that? I'm thinking there might be some apraxia(CAS) going on? It's tough also because he's under two and it's hard to get a diagnosis before two, but he's almost there, soooo...by the time I actually get an appointment, maybe he'll be two? I'm going private again cos I don't have time to wait for this shit. Plod, plod....
Don't remember if I mentioned this, but my mom gave him a complex command in French (go get my bag and bring it here) and HE DID IT! I was so surprised! My little dude is bilingual. *beaming with pride*
Makes the plodding more bearable.... :)

It's a lot of work being a mama.

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