June 29, 2011

Kids and First Class

An informal poll went by my Twitter feed lately, asking whether kids should be banned from First Class. A lot said yes.

Wow. Really?

I'm going to sum up my point really quickly and maturely:

A plane is public transit. I pay my fare, just like everyone else, to sit in my seat. My kid pays a fare, too. A plane is really just a big bus in the sky. If you don't want to sit with other people (let me remind everyone kids are PEOPLE) then charter your own damn private jet.

Fer reals, yo!


OK, but seriously. You can't have a car seat in First, nor can you use the CARES harness. That means you can only bring a fairly small child in First in the first place. I like having the extra room and really, if mama's comfy, baby is more likely to be comfy and therefore, quiet.

I have no problem if airlines want to institute "Kid Free Flights" or something of the sort. Maybe they can offer some flights of the day and guarantee they're kid free. But to outright ban all children from First Class? Nope. Sorry. You won't have my (much needed) business.
That's just *my* two cents.

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